Regarding the most frequently asked and concerned questions about our company and our papermaking equipment products by new customers, we will answer them in detail here, and as time goes on, we will add more customer questions and answers here, if the answers here are not enough to solve your doubts, please let us know by email, we will be happy to answer your questions.
1In which country is your company and paper machinery located?
We are in Henan Province, China, and we have rich experience in exporting related papermaking equipment, and can export our papermaking equipment to your country.
2How do you ensure the quality and stable operation of your paper machinery?
We have a professional engineer team and maintenance team, which can provide professional solutions during the communication in the early stage of procurement, and after you purchase and receive the paper machinery, we will send professional engineers and maintenance workers to your local factory for on-site installation guidance , to ensure the stable and continuous production operation of the machinery.
3Do you provide relevant after-sales service?
We can provide relevant after-sales services, and transfer all production and operation technologies related to paper production to ensure that you can operate the paper machinery stably, and if any parts of this paper machinery is broken in case, we will also provide lifetime equipment maintenance and replacement services.